Customized murals for homes, businesses, schools and churches


I can transform any inside or outside space, including walls and ceilings, into a brand new experience which will give you a sense as though you could walk right into the scene and live there for awhile.

For your home, business, child's room or any wall of your choice, there is no limit to size and content for my personalized murals. I will work with you to personalize your space by drawing in your child or pet to become part of the mural, or I can paint a separate portrait. The murals I design can be very simple as an impressionism painting or they can be drawn and painted with great detail, all to the preference of my client, which is for whom I aim to go above and beyond your expectations. I have received many wonderful compliments over the years, by my clients who were overjoyed and amazed by the finished product they saw. They told me that the mural looks so much better than they ever could have imagined!

I can make the unimaginable dream a reality. I can design a painting you always wanted to see, come alive, in a mural for your very own space. If there is something you want enlarged for all to see, like a place which has been close to your heart since childhood, it can become a reality, when you ask me to share my gift and passion of Mural Painting with you. There is NOTHING I can't do, so just ask and together we'll make it happen!

I have used colonial photos to paint from bringing the past history back to a neighborhood or business. "The impact art has on the community is very important for a balance and beauty as well as business opportunities for artists like myself. Murals are a great way to help the community learn about the past century history and to have a real 3D Mural painting come alive from a long forgotten photo, is a blessing and joy by all those who pass by, to stop, reflect and learn about their own community. I have found my gift of Art to be a great way to give back to my own community." (quote from Lise'Miller in article called The Artists of Hanover published in Jan/Feb. 2016 issue.)

From start to finish, you will see customized artwork in your home or any wall space you desire, done with complete satisfaction, with over 30 years experience.

When you decide that you want a mural or painting, please contact me by e-mail and we can discuss any questions that you may have.  After working through the details, I can provide a few sketches along with the estimate.

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
— Albert Einstein


The outdoors are a great inspiration for drawing and pleinair painting. Find out more about me!

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